Making hydrogen in smaller portions

I always liked to design/make things smaller than they originally are.
This is why I made this Water splitting cell, in a ear-drops container.

The cell consists of two stainless steel rods, pushed throught the side of the container,
with a screw terminal connected to them.
On the terminal, a pair of wires a soldered, making it easy to connect to a powersupply.

Tiny Water Splitting Cell










The coin is a danish 5DKK, it has a diameter of 28,4 MM (1.12 inches).

After adding the water and a couple of drops of NaOH, the cell was almost filled to the top.
Connecting power to the cell, at 12V it draws around 1.5Amps.

I haven’t got a build guide, but whenever my ears have a defect again, I’ll do another, to show you how it’s done.

A video to show that it’s real:

Always remember safety when you do things like this.

I’m not responsable for any damage to you or you equipment.

Making hydrogen

One of the things I find interesting and have found interesting since school, is hydrogen.

This simple atom can be real fun to do stuff with.
One thing that is always interesting is make something that goes boom.
In my case, I replicated a water splitting unit, just for the fun and the bang.

Source (In danish)

I had an old computer powersupply laying in my junk box, and this fits the job perfect,
as I needed around 12V with enough current to make suffecient hydrogen and oxygen.

A picture of the setup:

Hydrogen Oxygen splitting setup









Goggles in the lower left corner, those will be weared as soon as I turn on the powersupply, just to make sure nothing happens to my eyes.
And of course also when I light the bubbles.

The setup is a single computer powersupply, where the 12V output was connected directly across the stainless steel bicycle spokes.
A 5 mm rubber tubing hotglued to the top of the bottle lid, running down to a container with soap water.
In the cell itself, just plain tap water, but added a bit of NaOH (Toilet cleaner, or whatever you call it), 30 mL or so.

WHEN YOU HANDLE CHEMICALS, MAKE SURE TO WEAR GLOVES AND GOGGLES!! Also, a good ventilated area is a nice thing to work in with these thing.

A short video demonstrating the “purpose” of the  setup:

Always remember safety when you do things like this.

I’m not responsable for any damage to you or you equipment.