Pinguino board

I’ve started using KiCAD for PCB designing about 2 weeks ago.
It has been somewhat weird going from Eagle to KiCAD, but it’s a good alternative and I really like the 3D function in pcbnew.

That being said, I have designed a board for PIC18F47J53, the same MCU which will be used in the new Pinguino board .

The PCB will fit in normal mbed designs (almost), only difference is that the mbed has 2×20 pin header, the one I designed is only 2×17 pins.
The reason is that I would like to have PIC based board, as I have loads of mbed’s, arduino’s, and also a BIG development board for PICs,
but I really like to be able to develop without the board making a mess around my desk, as well as on a PIC.

The board is a two layer, will probably be blue, red or black (haven’t decided yet).
It will look something like this:

Pinguino_nano_47J53_front Pinguino_nano_47J53






I’m still going over the design improving the tracks, vias and so on, but as soon as I have it, tested it, and done a simple design, I will do another post.

Be good!