3DPCB has arrived and has been assembled!

I’ve got the PCB of the Smoothie-compatible 3D printer controller board!


Assembled 3DPCB

Front of 3DPCB

Assembled 3DPCB

Backside of 3DPCB








The size fits RAMPS, PrintrBoard, Sanguinololu, (that is 100 x 60 mm), and consists of almost the same components as Smoothieboard.

I did however change some things:

  • 3 IPD060N03L Power MOSFETS, two of them connected to PWM
  • 4-channel, 12 bit I2C DAC (MCP4728), for current setting of the stepper drivers
  • Two-layer PCB (I know, current and heat transfer may not be as good as four-layer, but we’ll have to wait and see)
  • Open Hardware – Well, it already is, but this is designed in KiCAD

That’s almost it. One thing about making PCB’s and doing it in KiCAD which I switched to, over summer, is that the vias you place,(well, mine at least), is a module, just named for GND, for connecting grounds together. This means that the solder mask will not cover the vias, unless you specify it.

I was so exited to get the PCB produced, that I forgot to check possibilities with this.
That’s why the solder mask contains what looks like giant holes all over, as well as the silkscreen!

But anyway; No short circuits (as expected), 3.3V DC/DC converter works like a charm.
Reset / ISP circuit designed by my colleague was implemented. This means pressing the reset short, will do a simple reset, but pressing longer (3 secs), will go into the onboard ISP-mode of LPC1769, which makes us able to upload the DFU bootloader, so the rest of the uploads can be done using SD-card.

Uh, yeah… Had some troubles getting the DAC to work.

Assembled 3DPCB

Debugging I2C DAC for current control of stepper drivers










But with a lot of help from the guys over at Smoothie IRC, and a bus pirate, I got it fixed!
It was the config, which wasn’t supposed to contains tabs in it. These was removed, and of she went!

All I need to do next is connect it to my PrintrBot, then calibrate, configure, connect, test, calibrate again, test some more, and maybe, I will finally print something!

Schematics and board files will be uploaded to GitHub, whenever I get the chance!

Happy hacking!

Receiving things from China that I didn’t order.


I just got this AMAZING product in my mail.
It SAVES energy just by sitting in the wall outlet!!
Apparently that is…























Now let’s take it apart!
Easy to find the screw on the backside using a finger, sliding over stickers:


Removing stickers to find screw.








WOW, The amazes keeps on coming:


Inside of the AmazingChineseProduct


Closer look


Rusty screws!








Looks like it contains a couple of diodes, LED’s, capacitors, resistor and A FUSE!
Oh yeah. A black box made of plastic with black epoxy inside it, covering whatever interesting electronics may be hiding inside.
Let’s reverse the PCB to some kind of schematic:


Schematic of AmazingChineseProduct








Looks like they’ve gone through a great deal of troubles to light up 2 LED’s.
But the Beauty Black Box is still the missing link in this amazing product!

I think someone who could measure out whatever the Black Box does should have it.
So where should I send it?
The crazy Aussie?


Soon to come:
Assembled 3DPCB for my Printrbot.

Signing out!

People all over the web has tested, opened, and looked at those..