As I work with The FirePick Team, I learn a lot!

We have now got prototype, that almost is Picking and placing!

All of those things is possible by the hard work of a lot of people!
We’re designing, discussing, making, hacking things to get this prototype fully functional!

One of the things I was asked to do, is a PCB with a Raspberry Pi camera module on it.
The module you buy directly from RPi is kinda reversed, as the flex connector is near the
camera optics itself.

So I reverse engineered the Raspberry Pi camera module, so it would be possible just to buy the
P5V04A module itself, and place it on the board we need for the end-effector on the machine.
The board will consist of RGB LED’s in a round shape, to light up the vacuum needle, so the camera module
can “see” the parts it’s picking.

You could just state that the camera module itself will be good enough, and for almost everyone it is!
But we needed to get the camera closer to the vacuum needle, so that’s where the reverse engineering comes in.

It’s a quite simple design, so it’s rather easy to reverse engineer, but it takes time to find the right spot on the PCB,
and it takes an enormous amount of control of your hands to do the measuring, as the tiny 24-pin connector on the PCB,
is so fragile, that even the tiniest amount of pressure will break it.

Now that it’s reversed, it’s possible for us to design a board with the camera module as close to the vacuum needle as possible.
With this comes the LED’s and some connectors.
Let’s see how it turns out 🙂

/ Lerche