3DPCB – Back to Allegro drivers

I have redesigned 3DPCB over the past couple of months, as the DRV8825 turned out to be somewhat weird around steppers.
So after designing it back to A4982, I also added the possibility to use A5984.
Also some changes around traces and length-matching the USB tracks.

The production of the board began today, so now the waiting is on.
Significant changes:

  • Rounding the corners of the PCB
  • Added new logo
  • Length-matching USB tracks
  • Switched to Allegro A4982/A5984 stepper drivers
  • Added Molex Ultrafit connector for power
  • Added LEDs on the MOSFET outputs to see status

That’s all for now – I need to solder on components when I receive them, then another update will come online.

Somewhat unfilled 3D image of the board:

3DPCB 3D image from KiCAD