Adding vias to a KiCAD board without stitching

I’ve been working with KiCAD  as my main schematic capturer and PCB layout software for a while now.

One thing with this nice and free software I wasn’t pleased with, is that I was unable to add a via with adding a track to it’s placement. I have been stitching for all those ground vias I’ve been doing so far.
But that suddenly changed when a Chris over at launchpad for KiCAD told me that I could just do a simple footprint, with the via settings , i.e. the drill size, diameter, clearance settings, and last but most important: Net name.

This was brilliant, as I do a lot of two-layer boards where I pour GND for all the ground connections.

But when trying to name a new modules net name to GND, pcbnew told me that it was unable to name because it couldn’t find the net.







This was fixed by saving the module without net or pin number, then inserting the module into a board with the correct netname in use,
renamed the netname of the via to GND or any other, and then opening the module in the editor, saving it, as the name appeared on the via.
This was a very nice fix, because I can now easily insert vias all over the board to connect the grounds, using hotkey “O”, and find the correct module.

naming_via  Via_GND_Named






This is an easy fix, if you were trying to go from Eagle to KiCAD, which is a free, nice, open-source alternative.