3DPCB – Now with DRV8825 x 5!!

While moving to a new place, with lots of space for all my electronics,
I found some spare-time to update the 3DPCB to Rev C.

Rev B did never turn out to something, so I went directly to Rev C.

Some changes from the original design has been made:

  1. It now has five stepper drivers, but has changed from A4982 to DRV8825.
  2. The MOSFETs has been changed to STL60N3LLH5 – 60A / 30V (Max 60W, but has 0.0063 ohm typical @ 10Vgs) – Also added one extra.
  3. Added pinouts for the stepper drivers
  4. SPI is broken out with through hole instead of SMD pad. But it’s with 1.6mm pitch
  5. Broken out some extra pins for fun.
  6. Added resistor/capacitor network to reduce bounce from end-stop-switches.
  7. Added 5V regulator with solder-jumper to change voltage on endstop-connectors between 5V and 3.3V
  8. Added an extra MOSFET driver – Lower internal resistance on MOSFETS.
  9. Changed a lot of pins around, for easy layout.
  10. Still rocks a two-layer! Even if heat-dissipation is not as good as four-layer, I’m doing fine with this.

The original design I made has been printing over 200 hours now.

I’ve sent the PCB into production, so I will do a test whenever I have the PCBs and have soldered it all together.

Whenever I have a succesful test, I will upload the design to my code.google.com account.

A 3D picture of the design:










And here’s the schematic: 3DPCB – Rev C schematic

Now, let’s mount two print-heads on my Prusa!