Having a son, renovating the house, changing jobs

It been over a year now, since my last confession.
But a lot has been going on.

I have a beautiful little son now, my girlfriend and I got married, I started renovating the house we live in.
So let’s just say, the days where I could spend hours and hours on electronics and other things are pretty much over… For now!

A couple of pals and I were talking about making a company to repair electronics, mainly industrial, but also consumer electronics.
Basically just starting out in each of our homes, fixing what we can, when we have the time.

Later on it might be a more full-time employment, but for now, every single hour per week counts.

Together the three of us has more than 50 years of experience in repairing electronics professionally.
So we’re going to test it out for a year to see if we can build up the customer base.
After that we have a chance of building an office in one of the empty buildings on a farm my friend has.

Apart from all that, I have been building a 3D printer, again, fixed loads of electronics,
changed jobs twice (was with Siemens for a short period, but had to move work closer to home, so I took a job in a hospital, repairing medical equipment).
Now I spend most of my time with the family, but when I have an hour or two, I tend to spend it upgrading, designing, redesigning, building, repairing electronics or anything I can get my hands on within technology.

Right now I’m designing a DC gearmotor extruder with a PID controller.
More on that later.

I will try to keep regular updates, but let’s see if I can keep it a promise.

Have great summer everyone!