3DPCB latest revision

Finally done soldering all the parts on the PCB.

Testing has gone okay, have to adjust the resistors for the LEDs on the MOSFETs.
Now all there is, is to keep printing parts for the new FirePrinter, to test the board with it.


At time being, I am a stay-at-home dad, to take care of our son, who has been diagnosed with chILD (lung disease).
So while taking care of him, and trying to entertain him a bit, I am also building and designing several things.

First, a DC-gear-motor extruder, as it will be physically smaller than the NEMA17 extruder I use now.
Also, two of them should weight the same as a single NEMA17 extruder.

Second, a DC servo motor controller. Using misans code for Arduino, I designed a PCB not larger than the original stepstick,
so it should be plug-n-play in RAMPS or any other board that accepts the stepsticks.

Servo BDC

Third, FirePrinter – Naming a primarily because the hardware comes from FirePick Delta, which I was a part of some years ago.
All of these projects take some time (to get delivered, PCBs has been designed and ordered, parts has been designed and printing right now), but they will find their way on here.

Now it’s autumn, the weather is getting colder, getting ready for the winter. As you all now, “Winter is coming”…

Have a good one!