CP2102 and Arduino

I needed a USB to RS232 (TTL), converter.
I bought one of those cheap Ebay CP2102 converters, and tried using it.
But the RST pin on the connector is Reset for the CP2102 chip.

This wasn’t the idea, as I needed to connect it directly to on of my boards.
So hacking it was one of my choices, which i did:

I started by cutting the trace for the RST pin on the back of the board, and solder a wire from the connector to the switch:


Next step was to cut the trace for the unused DSR on the top side of the board:


As you can see, the switch is able to connect either the DTR or the RTS to the output pin.

The switch I used was from RS, one I just had laying around.
RS: 204-7871

Well, whattayaknow,  it works.

Maybe some of you can use this, but I’m not responsible for any damage to you or your goods.