Tricopter build series

Looong time since I’ve been here.

But now let’s try it again.

I’m going to build a Tricopter, based on rcexplorer’s guide.
First of, it needs a frame. As I am the lazy kind, I bought the frame from rcexplorer’s site.

I ordered the frame set and got an e-mail confirming this from him in person.
The frame itself is perfectly cut, putting them on top of each other confirms that now slop was involved in the cutting proces.
The frame was sent through the post office, at friday and got here monday. (I live in Denmark, not far from Sweden).

RCexplorer Tripcopter Frame

I ordered all the electronics from HobbyKing, including a VERY cheap Transmitter/Receiver pair.
A complete list of the components will be written in this blog, once the build is complete.

I bought the pinewood in a shop called Bauhaus, they had it for around 1.5$ for 90 CM.
Two of those, cut in 40 CM length for arms, and drilled a hole in two of them, for the frame mount.

Next is to assemble the frame and pinewood.

That’s all.