Forgot the trainer cable for HK-T6A transmitter?

Yeah, that’s what I did.

Found a guide here, followed it and modified a bit.

Fortunately I have a bunch of CP2102 USB to Serial converters laying around.
I simply soldered wires on the board directly, but soldered the wires on pinheaders to be able to remove
the wires from the trainer port of the HK-T6A transmitter.
Remember when you plug in the CP2102 the drivers may have to install first.

CP2102 - USB to Serial converter










From there just ran to wires about 3 feet, so I’m able to adjust without placing the transmitter in front of the PC monitor,
adding the pinheaders to the wires.

Pinheader CP2102 trainer cable









When removing the header from the trainer port, the header (which consists of two row), moved from each other.
As I were epoxy-fying my DT750 motors, I just pushed in the headers, and put a little expy between them and around the wires.
This will hold it nicely together, making it easier to connect the trainer port.

CP2102 connected to trainer port of HK-T6A transmitter









Tested with this software. It works like a charm!
Now I’m able to reverse the channels.

I’m not responsable for any damage to you or you equipment.