Me and my son.











My name is Christian Lerche Sørensen.
I live in Denmark with my wife Natja, and my little son Frederik.

I was born in 1989, in a small city called Undløse and I grew up using my mind and hands a lot, building stuff, playing around in my dads garage.

That is probably why I chose to take the electronics technician education. This education brought me to DSB Vedligehold A/S. In this job I have been certified in IPC-A-610 D (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies), as well as IPC-7711/21 (Repair and rework). In my day job I have been working with the smallest, simplest circuits which drives LED’s, to train security systems (ATC).
I have since changed my dayjob to repairing medical equipment at a local hospital.

I have a keen interest in electronics, which can be seen on my home desk! I am always working on some project, either repairing or designing new circuits and PCB’s. When I’m not building something, I do like to spend time with my wife and son, even though sometimes she AND my colleagues thinks I don’t.

That is all about me… Actually it isn’t but it’s all I can think of now.