The 3DPCB (Three Dimensional Printer Controller Board), is a Smoothie-compatible driver board.
The main difference is that I discarded the ethernet for now, and shrunk it to “standard” 3D printer-drivers,
like Printrboard, RAMPS, and Sanguinololu.
Other than that its about the same. Did change to some smaller MOSFETS for power output to heat the nozzle and the heated bed.
The stepper drivers current is adjusted through a 12 bit DAC instead of 8 bit digital pot.
In revision A, I had some flaws, which I am currently fixing. Nothing big, just because I am learning KiCAD,  I need to be careful when
sending files to manufacture!
As I was designing rev B of the board, I realized that I could fit 5 stepper drivers on the board with ease. So I did! But that has to be checked
and produced before any of the files go into the wild.
By the way, the PCB is two-layer, so it should be cheap to order online, and all the parts can be hand-soldered
(not the stepper drivers, but if you have a hot-plate, you’ll do fine.), even though I don’t recommend using your spouse’s.

I myself have nothing to do with the Smoothieware team. I only did this design as a challenge to myself, to see if it could fit standard sizes.
I did however contact them over their IRC to get help with the software, as I am a hardware-guy.

A picture:

Assembled 3DPCB

First version of 3DPCB