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Getting the Arduino IDE to work with ATtiny85

I’ve been having troubles with the Arduino IDE, Duemilanove, and UNO.

First of, the UNO doesn’t seem to be able to be used as ISP, and that’s about what I found out.
Well, I bought a Duemilanove, as I know those work, Fantastic!!
BUT: When installing the files for ATtiny85 compiling, at Arduino IDE v.1, uploading the ArduinoISP, and trying to upload
blink to ATtiny85, it kept failing on me.
Hmm… The interwebs seems to have loads of solutions, but I didn’t want to do hardware, as I bought a product, I expect to work.
It then came to my mind:
The ArduinoISP from Ver. 0022 uploadet to Duemilanove, but using the v 1 to upload software to ATtiny85.

Arduino IDE 0022 -> ArduinoISP -> Arduino Duemilanove.
Arduino IDE 1 -> Blink example -> ATtiny85 (Either 1 or 8 MHz, but remember to upload bootloader if using 8 MHz)

Simple? No. Works? Yes!

That’s all for tonight.


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